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EcoGreenVision LLC is an expert Energy Solutions organization that specializes in design, development, and implementation of energy and environmental solutions for healthcare, educational, industrial, government, and other buildings.  It also focuses on research and education in ‘green’ development and environmentally friendly manufacturing, and construction. EcoGreenVision includes several experienced team members of energy and sustainability consultants in civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical engineering, energy conservation, design and construction.  They also perform feasibility and technical assistance studies, project implementation, and green building development consultation.

Dr. Jaffari originally established EcoGreenVision as a non-profit organization in 2010 and serves as the president of the organization.  She has joined EcoGreenVision LLC and brought her extensive knowledge and experience as Executive Vice President and CFO of the organization.  She is a leader in energy and environmental design in the green building industry.

Mr. Hebat Badiee, PE, is specialized in energy retrofit of mechanical and electrical systems and serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization.

Our headquarters office is in Anaheim, California.

Visit Our Services and Our Team for additional information.  30 Minutes with us could result in fixing your aged problem and save you thousands of dollars.  Email us at “Consultation@EcoGreenVision.Com”