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Hebat Badiee, P.E. President, and CEO

Mr. Badiee, as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the EcoGreenVison, LLC, oversees management of the organization and day-to-day operation.  With more than 30 years of experience in innovating design and construction of energy projects for commercial and institutional facilities, Hebat ensures the highest quality of work to his clients, by utilizing advanced technologies and the most efficient services.  Hebat has earned certificate of Expert Professional Engineer, and he is one of the top engineers and contractors in California. He brings vast experience in all aspects of heating, cooling and air ventilation, lighting, CHP power system and generation, central steam and chilled water energy plant, energy management system and control, including study, design, construction, and project management.

Mr. Badiee is a licensed professional engineer with degrees in Mechanical, Electrical, and Energy Engineering Technology with diversified experience in Healthcare, Educational, Institutional, Governmental, and Commercial facilities.  He served on the Health Facility Design Standards Committee to update the Standards for Health Care Facilities’ codes and regulations

He has successfully designed and/or implemented over one hundred million dollars of projects for over 50 School Districts & Colleges, 37 Healthcare Facilities, and 15 City and Governmental institutions.  Hebat has developed a sense of troubleshooting especially for mechanical systems, and energy conservation techniques.  He helps clients in pinpointing their existing problems and finding unique solutions for them.  This has caused great customer satisfaction and long-lasting relations with his clients.

During his carrier, Hebat has shown dedication to all project owners, by understanding their needs and providing quality services that they deserve.  He believes in resolving issues related to any job even after the job has been finished.
CellPhone:  (714) 747-2080

Vahe Gulagian, PE:

Vahe Gulagian, PE:

Power and Electrical Engineering Expert
Vahe has diversified experience in High Voltage Electrical Engineering & Renewable Energy systems, PV Solar Generation, Transmission, Substation, Distribution, Storage Battery, Energy Modeling, and Microgrids across a wide range of industries. Mr. Gulagian is a licensed professional engineer with a degree in electrical engineering and MBA from California state University, East Bay. He is an active IEEE member, and he has 15 years of experience with VGG Systems, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and Cenergy Power to name a few.
Shahnaz Jaffari, Ph.D., LEED AP:

Shahnaz Jaffari, Ph.D., LEED AP:

Executive Vice President and CFO
Dr. Jaffari established the first EcoGreenVision company as a non-profit 10 years ago. She has joined EcoGreenVision LLC and brought her extensive knowledge and experience as our Executive Vice President and CFO. Shahnaz holds a Ph.D. in civil engineering, a master’s degree in architecture, and a second master’s degree in construction management. She was chosen as a ‘Sustainability Champion’ in 2010, while serving as the sustainability director of Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute. Shahnaz was the representative at large for Colorado Chapter of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) for 2009, and 2010. At the same time, she also served as a member of the West Regional Task Force of the USGBC, where regional credits for LEED were developed. Shahnaz has helped develop the first green building code as the chair of the Service Life Group for the International Green Construction Code (IGCC). She has served as a national speaker at conferences on ‘sustainable building practices’ and ‘green codes and standards’ for many years. She has published several green building articles in various journals and magazines.
Sara Sedighi, MBA:

Sara Sedighi, MBA:

Director of Business Development
Sara drives and builds relationships with strategic partners and clients as a Director of the Busines Development. Her extensive knowledge and experience in business relationships with partners, suppliers, clients, internal and external stakeholders will ensure execution of the projects to our client’s satisfaction. Sara has over 20 years of experience in strategic sourcing, contract management, and global operation management with Facebook, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and Nokia of US and Global. She is a certified PMP with a MBA from the University of Texas, and a Master of Science degree from University of North Texas.