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I have known Mr. Hebat Badiee for over 15 years. We worked together at both Siemens and EMCOR.
Mr. Badiee is a dedicated individual with great work ethics and strong engineering background. During the period that we worked together; we were able to successfully execute numerous Energy
Conservation projects. Mr. Badiee has a keen sense for troubleshooting mechanical systems thus providing unique and innovative solutions to the clients.
Mr. Badiee is always open to learning about new technologies and applying them to best benefit the client’s needs.
Shaun Ayvazi, MBA
Director of Energy Services

Mesa Energy Systems Inc. - EMCOR Services

Shaun Ayvazi and Hebat Badiee have been great partners willingly sharing their knowledge and expertise. They assessed the unique challenges of my equipment and the organization and developed a comprehensive plan to repair our most critical requirements with urgency. I especially appreciated how accessible they were throughout the entire process and communicate all aspects of the project.
Ron Rux
Director of Facilities Support

PIH Health Hospital - Downey