Mercy Memorial Hospital Monroe

> Mercy Memorial Hospital Monroe

We provided 16 years of services to Mercy Memorial Hospital with costs of exceeding $12 million dollars.  Projects included but not limited to Improve the existing electrical services and replaced the existing transformer with two new dull ended 3000 KVA unit substations.  Designed a district heating and cooling system by cross-connecting the central chilled water plant in two adjacent buildings and connect two-pipe heating/cooling fan-coil units (serving patient rooms) to operate with a state-of-the-art automatic control system.  Designed an innovating retrofit to convert constant air volume to variable air volume system for the Operating Rooms and OB/GYN suites.  Designed and implement the hospital’s fire protection and sprinkler systems.  Upgraded the entire hospital lighting systems with new energy-efficient types.  Designed a central energy management system for the entire hospital. Replaced existing steam boilers with new energy-efficient type; etc. (Copyright Protected)

Mercy Memorial Hospital Monroe
$12 Million