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Badiee, P.E.


Hebat Badiee is the President and Managing Director of EcoGreenVision LLC in Southern California. His responsibilities include working with key clients and other account executives in evaluating and designing mechanical, electrical and energy retrofit projects. He also takes part in review of existing mechanical, electrical and control systems, making recommendations in system upgrades to improve efficiency and achieve energy savings. His recommendations has solved many long term HVAC & Chilled Water distributions, Central Plant optimization and control, Hospital Operating Room Temperature & Humidity issues to name a few.


Mr. Badiee is a licensed professional Mechanical, Electrical, and Energy engineer with over 40 years of diversified experience in Healthcare, Educational, Institutional, Governmental, and Commercial facilities. He served on the Health Facility Design Standards Committee to update the Standards for Health Care Facilities codes and regulations. He has been active in energy efficiency projects since 1979 and has owned/operated a consulting engineering firm for more than 16 years.

He brings vast experience in all aspects of heating, cooling and air ventilation, lighting, power system and generation, central energy plant, energy management system and control, including study, design, construction and project management of many projects.

Mr. Badiee has extensive experience in healthcare facility (OSHPD), educational facility (DSA and Prop-39) designs and implementations.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, Lawrence Tech. University, 1976 Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, MSU – 1979  Special Training and Experience in:
HVAC & Electrical Designs
Sustainability/Peer Review/Value Engineering
Projects Budget Estimations,
Energy Conservation Technologies,
Construction Management and Supervision,
Renewable Resource and Central Power Plant Systems.


Over 40 years as a Mechanical, Electrical and Energy Technology Engineer; Administrator, director, project manager, the construction manager, and Project Developer.
Healthcare, Governmental, K-12 and higher education facilities;
Worked very closely with regulatory agencies for project approval and licensing.


Owned and operated a professional consulting engineering & construction D/B firm for 16 years; Worked with Owners, Architects, Consultants, General Contractors and Manufacturer representatives for completing planning & design phases, project approval, bidding and
construction of new & retrofit projects.

Contributions & Membership

Member of Advisory Group for the Department of
Energy’s Institutional Conservation Program Alternative
Financing Proposal.
Served on the Health Facility Design Standards
Committee to update the Minimum Design Standards for
Health Care Facilities (1985 to 1989).
Energy Consultant to the State Offic
of Energy Programs (DOE)
and State Health & Environmental
Office (Michigan).

Contributions & Membership

Conducted several training sessions and seminars for
evaluation and study of architectural,
mechanical and electrical type energy
conservation measures in institutional
and commercial facilities.
Participated in Edison Company’s Energy
Analysis and Audit programs;
Participated in Institutional Conservation
Program (ICP) for federal energy grant

Selected Clients

Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
Los Angeles Community College District, LATTC & WLAC
City of Hope, Duarte
DRMC Hospital, Palm Springs
JFK Medical Center, Indio
Irvine Unified School District
Oxnard School District
Long Beach Unified School District
PIH Health Hospitals (Downey * Whittier)
Val Verde Unified School District, Perris
Baldwin Park Unified School District
Prime Healthcare Hospitals (San Dimes * Mont Clair MC and more)
Pleasanton Unified School District

Project Samples

Huntington Memorial Hospital
Ø Comprehensive energy studies of
the entire campus (11 buildings
plus the central plant);
Ø Design and Implemented multi-phase projects with total
costs of $15.5 million dollars;
Ø The Hospital saved over $1.5 million dollars of energy cost
savings in the first year after the projects were completed.

PIH Health Hospitals (Downey * Whittier)

Design and Implemented multi-phase projects from 2015
to 2020 with total costs of
over $4.0 million dollars;
Multiple HVAC retrofit
and modifications;
Variable central chilled
water plant retrofit and
Operating rooms humidity control and steam
Pharmacy humidity and temperature control retrofit;
Retrofit lighting to energy efficient type and much more!

Mercy Memorial Hospital, Monroe (1989-2006)

Comprehensive energy studies of the entire campus
including mechanical, electrical, control and fire systems.
Completed mechanical, electrical engineering design and
field construction services:
§ Upgrade of 3,000 KVA electrical service,
§ Replacing the HVAC systems,
§ Installing a central energy management system,
§ Design and implementation of Hospital’s fire protection and
sprinkler system (upgrade and retrofit);
§ Operating rooms HVAC & OB/GYN
mechanical and electrical renovations;
§ Central Plant renovations and optimizations
§ Projects costs exceeded $12 million dollars.

Providence Hospital, Southfield

Comprehensive study the hospital’s HVAC
systems, power plant and chilled water
distribution system, serving over one
million sq. ft. of campus;
Mechanical, electrical and structural design for the
installation of a new TES system ($2.2 million);
Phase II, a turn-key design & built project by my company
(provided complete design and construction of a central
variable chilled water system for the entire
campus ($1.2 million – 1996 to 1998).
Projects costs exceeded $3.2 million dollars.

State of Michigan, Statewide

A statewide engineering analysis, walk-through and
energy audit studies of nine State of Michigan facilities,
consisted of 163 buildings with a total area of
over 3.8 million sq. ft.
City of Lansing ($13 Million )
Lansing Minor League Baseball Stadium
Heating, Ventilating, Air
Conditioning and Plumbing
engineering design
(Projects costs $13 million)

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